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Creative Cat Care™

All our adoptables have been rescued from the streets or from at-risk situations. The submission of a completed adoption application is required for all potential adopters. Creative Cat Care™ is 100% Volunteer fueled, so please be patient with slight delays in response time.


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About Us

About Our Rescue

Creative Cat Care™ believes that rescuing cats happens through educating humans.  Educating on Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) practices, species-appropriate nutrition, non-pharmaceutical wellness protocols, transitioning new pet members into your family, and the peaceful coexistence with Community Cat Colonies in your neighborhood are a few of our passions.



We walk our talk by taking our experience and training to the streets to help cats in need. Our volunteers facilitate the safe handling of at-risk community cats using humane trapping techniques. Cats that are lost are returned to their humans. Cats that are abandoned and deemed social enter our adoption program. Cats that are deemed feral are returned to their outdoor homes after having received medical sterilization, vaccination, and other necessary interventions to support wellness.


What We Do


Trap-Neuter-Return  improves the quality of colony cats’ lives, and improves the co-existence of cats and humans in the community. 


Rescue cats in need

We will gladly guide you in helping the stray in your neighborhood find its way home or into the arms of a loving adopter.

community cat colony support

We will teach you all the things you need to know on creating safe spaces for the community cats in your neighborhood.

Finding A Home

Many of the cats we rescue from the streets are placed into our foster care program and are adopted into wonderful forever homes.