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Rescuing through Education

Our History

We believe that education is the root of all rescue. Every cat on the street is there because a human has let them down. Every cat without a loving home was either born on the street to an abandoned or stray cat, or abandoned itself. Humans are the cause of this suffering and must be the solution to end this suffering.

For those cats wary of humans, who have grown accustomed to the outdoor life and prefer to stay amidst their outdoor colony friends, the solution is TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) back to their Community Colony. For abandoned or lost social cats who desire to return to a domesticated lifestyle, the solution is foster care and adoption.

Creative Cat Care™ was founded to teach community members how to help end this suffering.


What Drives Us 
Our Mission

Creative Cat Care™ strives to educate the community on all things cats, from Species Appropriate Nutrition to the peaceful coexistence with Community Cats through Trap*Neuter*Return programs. Through education we can help to end suffering by speaking for those without a voice.