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All the cats available for adoption have been rescued from the streets or saved from an at-risk situation. They have been lovingly cared for by a dedicated foster care volunteer.


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Adopting a Pet

 It is always our intent to find the best match between adopters and companion animals. All our cats and kittens are cared for in private foster homes, so we require the submission of completed applications prior to scheduling a Meet & Greet. Because we are a volunteer run organization, you may experience a delay of a couple days after submitting your application before you are contacted. The following is our adoption process:


  1. Submit completed application.
  2. Undergo a background check.
  3. Enjoy a telephone interview with one of our volunteers.
  4. Be patient with us while we listen to all the nice things your references say about you. 
  5. Enjoy a Meet & Greet with the companion animal in their foster home.
  6. Use the mandatory 24-Hour Waiting Period to prepare the physical transition space for your new companion.
  7. Electronically submit your Adoption Fee on Gotcha Day when one of our volunteers delivers your new companion to your residence!

MakING a Donation

Saving a feline can sometimes look like adoption, and at other times be a donation of time and skill.

If you are not in the position to adopt, and don’t have the time to offer help, then a monetary donation is always put to good use.

In order to continue educating the community and pulling at-risk cats and kittens off the streets, we need your support. because we are 100% volunteer-run, all monies donated are used for food and medical expenses.




Featured Cats

  • Domestic Short Hair
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Housebroken
  • Vaccinations up to date

Bartlett was named for the street where she was found and the fact that she had a pair (pear) of kittens when she was rescued. Bartlett had two delightful kitten pears named Anjou and Bosco, who learned all their adorable personality traits from their dear, sweet Bartlett mama. Bartlett's Story: Bartlett is a special soul. She was booted to the streets as a kitten and forced to fend for herself. A Good Samaritan made sure she was fed and safe, and alerted our rescue to her need to be saved. While on the street she became a teenage mom (kittens can get preggo at 4 months old!) and was rescued when her kittens Anjou and Bosco were newborns. Bartlett was cared for by a foster caregiver while she raised and weaned her kittens, and now that her babies have been adopted, she is ready for her happy forever. Bartlett's Personality; Because she was booted to the street at a very young age, this beautiful soul has had to learn in foster care that humans are not all bad and some of us can be trusted. She is a shy sweetheart who wants to be around her favorite human, but would prefer affection on her own terms. She is extremely motivated to please and will work wonders for a Churu treat. Bartlett will need a quiet home to call her own and plenty of time to acclimate to your routine. She is a low maintenance cutie pie who just wants love and peace. She is still a very young cat who would very much like a playmate cat that is patient, kind, and gentle. Bartlett's Beauty: This girl is gorgeous on the inside and the outside! She has one amber eye and one green eye! She has a churtle-style meow wrapped in a delightful tuxedo suit. Her gentle, loving, understanding adopter will be so happy to have her. She's a true gem! Adoption application is available at Because all our feline friends are cared for in private foster homes, the submission of a completed Adoption Application is required for all inquiries and before the scheduling of a Meet & Greet. View full description »

Young, Female, Small

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Pet Adoption Notes

Adopting VS BUying

When you “buy” a pet, you are contributing to the overpopulation dilemma, a human-created travesty. according to aspca, approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized annually, 860,000 of which are cats. By adopting from Creative Cat Care™, not only are you doing your part to stop overpopulation, but you are saving a life.

why adopt from creative cat carE™

One of the services we provide is ongoing post-adoption support. Creative Cat Care™ has a Team Leaders dedicated to helping you help your new feline family member through their adoption transition. They will guide you on species-appropriate nutrition, the set-up of your transition room, and help you safely introduce your new feline to your resident pets.