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Please use the contact form below for the following requests:

* To be included in our community education programs

* To request assistance for a cat in an at-risk situation 

* To request assistance for a stray cat

* To request trapping services for a mama cat and kittens

* To request TNR services for a colony of feral cats in your neighborhood


situations and services
community education

We love to teach! We’ll show you how to build a feral cat shelter, how to advocate for the cats in your neighborhood, how to feed your cat like the carnivore they are, how to support your cat’s health and more. Let us know your interest and we’ll contact you to alert you to upcoming workshops.

helping an at-risk cat

If you know of a cat that is actively undergoing abuse or neglect, please contact your local authorities and report the abuser. Creative Cat Care™ can be of assistance in situations where an outside cat’s life is in danger, if it is unsafe, or if you believe it is suffering. 

Trapping support for stray or feral cats

Creative Cat Care™ employs organized mass trapping for feral cat colonies, and targeted trapping for backyard strays or mama cats with their litters. We require the signature of the homeowner on a Trapping Permission Form to authorize us to assist and be on your property.

Mama cat and kittens

The trapping strategy used for a mama cat and her litter depends upon the age of the kittens. Whatever the age, it is always our goal to safely rescue the entire family. The stress of being trapped and removed from their environment has a strong impact on cats’ immune systems and their ability to be socialized for adoption. Our goal is to keep cat families safe from harm.

100% volunteer staffed

Please be mindful that each and every team member is a volunteer. Requests for support must be made via our Contact Form and may be met with delays in response time. Whenever possible, we appreciate a donation-in-kind for our contribution.


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