Please take a moment to review our Adoption Process before filling out your application so that you know what to expect:

Creative Cat Care™ is a completely volunteer run organization. All our companion animals available for adoption are cared for in foster homes. Consequently, we require completed applications be submitted and reviewed prior to scheduling a Meet & Greet. Creative Cat Care™ reviews applications to find the best match between adopters and companion animals. Because we are a volunteer run organization, you may experience a delay of a couple days after submitting your application before you are contacted.

  1. Please review the application below and have all necessary information on hand before starting to fill it out.
  2. Submit completed application.
  3. You will receive a followup email requesting your driver’s license number and date of birth for our background check. Please provide this information promptly to keep your application in process. If you don’t receive this email, please check your junk/spam folders.
  4. Enjoy a telephone interview with one of our volunteers.
  5. Be patient with us while we do a reference check and listen to all the nice things your references say about you. Understand that sometimes it takes a few days for your references to return our communication requests.
  6. Schedule a Meet & Greet with the companion animal in their foster home.
  7. Be patient with us while we select the best fit for both you and the companion animal being adopted.
  8. Understand that we require a 24 Hour Waiting Period between your Meet & Greet and Gotcha Day. This allows you to prepare the physical space for your new companion and us to process the necessary adoption paperwork.
  9. On Gotcha Day one of our volunteers will deliver your new companion to your residence. At that time we will ensure you have a transition room set up and ascertain there are no safety concerns or escape routes available for your new companion. A volunteer will stay long enough to make sure that all questions are asked and answered and that the adoption comfort level has been reached.

Adoption Application
Do ANY members of the household have a history of cat allergies?
Has everyone in the household discussed and agreed to meet and potentially adopt the animal?
Type of Residence
Does your lease allow you to have a pet?
Are you planning to move within the next 6 months?
Do you plan to keep this cat indoors?
If you do not currently have a vet, please list the name and number of the vet you plan to use. We will follow up in the future to ensure the adopted animal is on file with them.
We check vet references prior to approving applications. Please contact your vet to give them permission to release information to us.

If you've owned pets before, please list all pets owned within the last 5 years below.

Details - Choose all that apply.
Are veterinary records listed under the name on the application?
Have you ever adopted from, or submitted an application to a shelter/rescue before?
Have you ever surrendered an animal to a shelter?
Why do you want to adopt a pet? Please select all that apply.
Are you willing/able to assume the financial responsibility of pet ownership?
Please Note: Kittens should not be left more than 3-4 hours a day without human companionship and need a feline buddy to avoid developing Single Kitten Syndrome.
Are you a frequent traveler?
Will you commit to caring for your new cat for the next 10-15 years?
Will you allow your cat adequate time to adjust to a new home?
Would you like more information about assisting your feline transition to your home?
Are you willing to work with a cat that needs additional work? Please check all that apply.
If your cat needs additional obedience training, are you willing to cover the costs at your expense?
Are you planning on declawing your cat?
Are you familiar with the cat responsibility and liability laws in your area?